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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Another busy month again

Just a few blinks, 10 days had already gone, back to my usual uni's life again, rush and full of studying:(. Final approaching, hmmmm, hectic and stress month again, huge revision have to do, srsly i hate study, just hope i can get 4 4 units pass in this semester:).god bless!!! P/s: 很多事情不是说不想失去,就不会失去,不能说接受就一定能接受,这段不被接受的两个人终究一样是会被迫离开,不被祝福的爱情,一样是没有好下场,我常在想是乎要用绝情来摆脱这没有意思的烂爱情,明显,外人,都是否能看的出,这只是一场笨游戏的爱情!

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