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Friday, 30 March 2012

Entire april fully fill with the pressure

I had done my finance principle MST few hours ago, felt so disappointed for myself, few of the questions exactly same as the question which we did in the tutorial and yet i had revised again and again, ended up i still forgotten how to solve and calculate all the question as i was really panic during the test. It occupied 30% out of 50%, i guess i probably will get only few percent. Seriously, it drives me cried hardly tonight, just wish i can get a pass.
P/S:  Thank for always being with me, Thank for being my punching bag, sorry that i'm often vent my anger on u especially when i get really stress, sorry for treating u harsh and cruel cause it's the better way I've to be, mean doesn't change anything, it'll still remains the same as it has becomes the fact.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Tons of Missing

I'm actually having my finance principle class right now, blame my alarm clock, it doesn't work this freaking early morning, basically i've to awake between 6.30 to 7.00, but i woke up at 11++, worse student i ever seen ==.
Just wondering have u guys ever try the bad dessert in any cafe, restaurant or anywhere?? 
Here u go, pretty bad taste dessert i never ever had which made by Kevin Yek it might be due to cinnamon ground and dark chocolate as i don't really like dark chocolate cox it taste pretty bitter, I'm not judging u darling, i know i should appreciate everything u made for me, anyway, Thank you, still it seriously taste extremely bitter and the cinnamon ground is the bad ingredient, GG. 
P/s: The way i stepped wrong, the way i have to bear or endure all the bullshit rumor which made by cocksucker and dough girl? the way all the regretful has appeared on my face, the way i think i am definitely ruined my whole life if it couldn't be solve up, no matter how complicated i'm, how depressed i'm, i'll still be optimist! There is always not perfection for everyone.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cupcake and dessert

A very weird night, a very weird idea, a very very weird Sunday,somehow very weird thing appear on my mind, guess whatI'm thinking to make cupcake and dessert tomorrow, Teehee.

gorgeous cupcakes
P/s: Be stronger

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Jar of hearts

Oh well, is being slack during this two weeks, also skipped 9 hours lecturers and tutorials, how slack i'm.
feel so exhausted today and yet i don't even know why, i think probably due to the scorching weather, summer is pretty torturing everyone. Anyway, i just completed two topics of my accounting managerial, another 3 units to revise tho, god bless me plsss.

Apparently i'm missing u pretty pretty much, vast of missing !!
It really hurt, if this sort of matter seriously happen, i couldn't allow myself to accept all the truth,
Perhaps, people will think why i have to be like a skunk to destroy everything,

relaxx, sharing a song with ur guys, it is really a very nice song, christina perri

Sunday, 11 March 2012

too much stress

3 weeks in 1 semester

Struggling for every units i am taken now, hopefully i could reach my aim in this semester.
my life so far is seem like having too much stress, it seriously makes me suffocate.
Time to go and time to complete my 2000 words freaking assignment which due on this coming thursday, of cox i have to put more effort on that in order to get very well marks which could assists me in my final exam.

night everyone, wish u all can have a really great and lovely next week

日記停在第一頁 空白著
開始就要結束了 故事該怎麼停寫
不寫了 也許就不痛了

誰的選擇 誰在忐忑 明明確定不會再見的 
誰卻強忍著 誰又再拉扯 怎麼還不捨得 
能不能就此說再見 為什麼還是會想念 
原來脆弱的是我 你的側臉
還在回憶裡浮現 偷偷藏著紀念 

日記最後的一頁 空白了
結束得像開始著 還想緊緊的握著 
失去了 傷口總會癒合

誰的選擇 誰在忐忑 都說好了不會再見的 
誰卻強忍著 誰又再拉扯 怎麼還不捨得 

能不能就此說再見 為什麼還是會想念 
原來脆弱的是我 你的側臉
還在回憶裡浮現 偷偷藏著紀念

秋天的落葉 有多遠
它是眼淚 飄進了從前

能不能就此說再見 為什麼還是會想念
原來脆弱也是你 我的視線
離開你所有的畫面 然後不留紀念

Friday, 9 March 2012

Second day

Second day without u in my life,
I'm trying trying so hard
Time will heals every single scars that u gave to me


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blogger updated *wink wink*